Oxfam Scotland

Oxfam Scotland LogoClient: Oxfam Scotland

Partners: Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, Sunny Govan Community Radio, Tea in the Pot, West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare

Goal: To deliver tailored strategic development support to Oxfam Scotland’s partner organisations.

Approach: Oxfam Scotland delivers its work through partnerships with a number of local organisations

Support provided to each of the four organisations was tailored to their each organisation’s needs and included evaluation, campaign development, strategic planning and outcome setting.


We worked with Amina Women’s Muslim Resource Centre to:

  1. evaluate the effectiveness of their exising campaign campaigns
  2. provide training on effective campaign planning
  3. develop a new campaign to deliver maximum impact for muslim women in Scotland

We supported Amina staff to work through  a five step process for developing campaigns, identifying need, ensuring that there is an evidence base for the new campaign, developinging a theory of change  and a detailed campain plan


Amina are now working on their new campaign to develop a National Action Plan to tackle Islamphobia.