Evaluation and Research

Whatever you are doing, however you plan to do it, you need to know if it’s working, if you are making the difference you set out to make.

At Northern Star we’re experts in enabling you to evaluate the work that you do. Our methods mean we can get to the heart of exactly what difference your work has made, as well as identifying ways that you can make further improvements.

We will work with you to show how you can carry out your own evaluation and impact assessments in the future, and then share those skills with colleagues and stakeholders.

Every evaluation is tailored to the project or organisation we are working with and we’re highly skilled in a range of research methods. We help you to maximise the learning that you take from your work and clearly demonstrate the value it provides.

Clients Include: Oxfam Scotland, Tea in the Pot, ScotDec, Changing Habits for Good. Teach Global Ambassadors, YouthBank Scotland, Scottish Borders Council, Glasgow Life, Sniffer, Recharge.

If you’d like to find out more about our work on Evaluation and Research, and how we can help you, simply drop us a message via our Get In Touch page.